File Services Upgrade (2014)


As part of ITS’ overall application maintenance practices, the fileservices environment will be upgraded, beginning this week. This upgrade allows RIT to better manage fileshares as well as support fileservices growth into the future. ITS focused on ensuring minimal impact to end users as we planned the upgrade. We are expecting that downtime for each fileshare will be less than 30 minutes and outside of regular business hours whenever possible.  We will be communicating these planned down times to individual fileshare users.  

New features include

  • New user file restore interface – All end users will now have the ability to restore previous versions of files on their own.
  • Improved performance
  • Strengthened security
  •  Fileshare name changes – In order to align with department naming conventions, the names and paths of some fileshares may change. ITS will contact and work with the owners of these fileshares individually.

Upgrade Timeline

The approximate timeline of the fileshare upgrade is as follows:

  • January – ITS will begin to notify fileshare users of their scheduled migration time.  If you are a fileshare data steward, you will receive additional communications from ITS explaining roles and responsibilities,  what to expect and FAQ’s.  A designated data steward will be required for each fileshare. ITS will contact fileshare users to determine a data steward if one is not already assigned.
  • January to March –  Migration of fileshares; ITS will send a final communication at the completion of the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a data steward?

See here: Data Stewards

Why is the name of my share changing?

The names of shares are being adapted to a centralized naming convention for ease of management and auditing purposes.  ITS will make adjustments to share names as needed.

Why is the path of my share changing?

Architectural changes introduced by this upgrade have led to the need for this change.  Future maintance and upgrades will have reduced customer impact going forward.

Why is my share being split up?

Share structures are being redesigned to facilitite day to day management tasks as well as auditing of share permissions.

Will I be unable to access my share during it's migration?

We expect shares with less complicated permission structures to be offline for at most 30 minutes when they are cutover.  Shares with more complex permission structures may require longer outage windows or multiple cutovers, we will work with your department and data-steward to make sure there will be minnimal impact, and happen after business hours whenever possible.

I no longer have access to my share, what do I do?

During the migration data stewards were provided a full list of users who have access to the shares in question.  Any changes to share permissions were at the request of Data stewards.  If you feel that you have lost access to a share inadverantly please contact the ITS Service Desk to provide the needed follow up for your request.

When is my Share being migrated?

ITS will be contacting the data stewards of each share.  They will then contact the users of their shares and communicate the migration schedule to you.