ITS Lab Services Computer Labs Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about ITS Lab Service managed computer labs?

Please visit our ITS Lab Services Computer Lab Web Site for any information about our labs. We have lots of great information such as what software and hardware is available in each lab, lab hours of operation and phone numbers, lab classroom reservation information and class schedules.

What are the hours of ITS Lab Services managed computer labs?

Lab hours are posted outside each lab. Lab hours are also on the web here.

What are the responsibilities of an ITS Lab Services lab assistant?

Besides enforcing lab rules, opening, closing, and ensuring the safety of lab equipment, lab assistants are also there to help users with software and hardware related questions. If the lab assistant doesn't know the answer, they will try to help the user get to an answer by using manuals, help files, calling supervisors, or whatever necessary. We do not expect the lab assistant to have all the answers. We do expect them to help the user find a way to get the answer. In some instances, the lab assistant may need to refer the user back to their professor, because there are some applications or complicated uses of the application where the professor is the best resource.

The lab assistant is NOT there to help users do their homework. There is a difference between assisting the user to find the answer and doing the work for them. In those cases, lab assistants are instructed to inform the user that they need to consult their professor for help.

What do I do if I would like to compliment or complain to the management about an ITS Lab Services lab assistant or just make a suggestion?

You can either call the ITS Lab Services Operations office at (585) 475-2056 or you can use the comments form to submit compliments, complaints, or suggestions.

Why are food and drink not allowed in the lab?

We do not allow food and drink in the labs simply because accidents can ruin keyboards, printers, and computers. Since many students on campus use these labs, one person's accident is not only costly to repair or replace, but also leaves that machine unusable by any other users on campus. And since not everyone is conscientious, we do not allow food or drinks into the lab.

Lab assistants are instructed to ask users to take the food or drink out of the labs if they are found with it. If the user refuses to comply, lab assistants are instructed to contact their supervisors who may call in Public Safety to help escort the user out of the lab.

Can I use the phone in the lab?

The phone in each lab is a business phone. It is intended for the use of lab assistants on duty to communicate problems with other ITS Lab Services technical staff and management. However, as a courtesy to our users, we allow brief personal phone calls. There is a 5-minute maximum time limit on these phone calls and users are required to ask for use of the phone. No long distance or directory assistant phone calls are permitted. 

Are there any restrictions on what kinds of web sites I can view in the labs?

Labs are public areas. The viewing of adult web sites is considered potentially offensive by other lab users. In order to be conscientious of RIT's policy on harassment, lab assistants are instructed to ask any user to stop viewing a potentially offensive web site. If a user refuses to comply, lab assistants are instructed to call their supervisors who may call in Public Safety to help escort the user out of the lab.

Can I use my own paper in the printer?

Except in certain labs, you cannot use your own paper in ITS Lab Services managed computer lab printers. Putting the wrong kind of paper in a laser printer can ruin the printer. In order to protect the equipment, only paper supplied by Lab Services can be used in the printers.

How much does it cost to print?

Black and white printing is free of charge in all ITS Lab Services labs; however, some colleges choose to restrict who can print and how much they can print. Generally, restrictions allow for students to print in their own home college, so we recommend starting there when trying to print.

Why do I have to ask the lab assistant to release my print job?

In labs with printer queues, lab assistants are required to keep printer queues paused. This measure helps to reduce waste caused by the printing of unwanted documents. When you want your printout, make note of the name of your document and the name of your computer. Tell the lab assistant the name of the computer you are working on or the name of your document. The lab assistant will then release your print job to the printer.

I have sent my document to the printer, but it is not printing. Why not?

If you are in a lab with a printer queue, the lab assistant has the print queue paused. You need to tell the lab assistant the name of the computer you are working on and the name of your document and then ask for your print job. The lab assistant will then release your document.

If your document is still not printing (or appearing on the queue if it is paused), wait. Check your computer and make sure the document is done spooling. Make sure you have clicked OK in the Print dialog box. If after a minute or two (for normal-sized documents, longer for longer documents) you document still does not show up, try printing again. If all else fails, please consult the lab assistant on duty for further assistance.