Spam Filtering Frequently Asked Questions

What is this spam report I have gotten this morning?

MySpam is the new spam filtering solution for all mail coming into the RIT email servers. Every morning each email account will receive a spam report notifying the owner of the mailbox of the messages placed in their quarantine.

What do I have to do with this information?

That's up to you, the report mailed each day shows you a list of messages the filter sees as potentially good messages. If you don't feel they are legitimate messages, leave them alone and they will be deleted after 14 days. If you feel they are legitimate messages release them directly from the report you have received, and they will go to your inbox.

I don't want the report to be delivered each day, please turn it off!

Reports cannot be turned off for an individual; they are delivered as part of the solution. If you do not want to see the messages, you may set up a rule in your client to send them directly to the trash if you wish.

Can I modify my filters, like blocking a sender or a domain?

Yes, click on the link in the report, and log in when prompted. In the Blocked Senders list add the email address or domain you wish to block. Be aware this will block every message from that sender or domain, you will no longer be able to receive messages from them unless you remove the block.

Can I allow all mail from certain senders or domains?

Yes, just as above, log in and go to the allowed senders list. This list allows all messages from a certain domain or user and they will never be blocked.

Why are you doing this? I don't want reports, and I filter my own mail. I don't understand why I have to be part of this.

Spam is a huge problem not only on campus, but also for all email administrators. Spam is a security risk and must be dealt with accordingly. Symantec's Brightmail appliance is the solution we are using, they are a leader in the industry and have shown to provide the best protection. Also, Spam has been the number one concern over the past several years on the ITS customer satisfaction survey. Users asked for a more automated approach to eliminating spam, and this solution does just that. The average person will not have to make any changes to the filter, will not have to set up rules in their client, and will see a marked decrease in that mount of spam in their inbox.

What about false positives, will it catch messages that aren't Spam by mistake?

An independent study was done on the Symantec Brightmail product. One in one million messages were tagged as a false positive. These ended up in quarantine, hence one of the reasons for the daily reports.

That's great and all but I am still getting spam in my inbox, what do I do about it?

If you are getting these messages it is probably due to the fact that they are messages from companies you have done business with in the past. These are not classified as spam. These companies have the right to contact you, and in some cases have the right to sell your address to other companies that may have similar interest. This is a fine line, and companies know how to tread that line. If you are getting messages that you feel are outside of this explanation, please send a copy of the message to Please be aware there is some administrative fine-tuning required in the first few weeks of this solution. You may see some Spam making it’s way through to your inbox during this time, however this should quickly taper off to near zero messages.