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Managed Computer Information


ITS Client Services provides system management solutions for RIT-owned Windows and Mac computers. This includes software deployments, operating system and software patching, configurations, compliance, security, and other functions as part of an overall enterprise management strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my computer is managed?

Windows Mac OS X

A Managed Windows Machine will have the following program(s) available from within the start menu:

A Managed Windows Machine may prompt you from time to time via the "Application Shutdown Utility"

A Managed Mac will have the following program available via Spotlight Search:














How can I install software applications myself?

How does ITS keep my computer up to date?

How do I add RIT printers without calling the ITS Service Desk?

How do I scan to a network share from a Xerox Multifunction Device?

See: Scanning Repositoryfor information relating to scanning to a share from a multifunction device.