Managed Computer FAQ & Information


ITS Client Services provides system management solutions for RIT-owned Windows and Mac computers. This includes software deployments, operating system and software patching, configurations, compliance, security, and other functions as part of an overall enterprise management strategy.


How do I know if my computer is managed?


A Managed Windows Machine will have the following program(s) available from within the start menu:

A Managed Windows Machine may prompt you from time to time via the "Application Shutdown Utility."

Mac OS X

A Managed Mac will have the following program available via Spotlight Search:


How can I install software applications myself?

Windows: Application Catalog

Mac OS X: Managed Software Update


How does ITS keep my computer up to date?

Windows: Windows Updates

Mac OS X: Managed Software Update


How do I add RIT printers without calling the ITS Service Desk?

Windows: Adding RIT printers to your Managed Windows PC

Mac OS X: Adding RIT printers to your Managed Mac


How do I scan to a network share from a Xerox Multifunction Device?

See: Scanning Repository for information relating to scanning to a share from a multifunction device.