Moves, Additions, and Changes to Your Service

The Work Request Triage (WRT) Form is used to request voice and data services at

The WRT Form can be used for the following:

  • New services - to install new voice and data lines
  • Disconnect service - to remove existing phone numbers
  • Moves - to relocate existing phone numbers
  • Data jack- activate data jack for computer or printer service
  • System changes - to change features, such as coverage, phone program buttons, etc.
  • Renovations - to rearrange and/or enlarge space which affects walls where existing telephones, data outlets, and/or CATV outlets are located and new telephones, data outlets, and/or CATV outlets will be required.  FMS Project Requests.

After submitting the request, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for processing and scheduling. 

When filling out the WRT, area Telecommunications Coordinators can assist in supplying information such as dept account number and services offered.

Requested Service

The following are a few example of programming changes to phone lines.

Provide x5-2344 coverage to x5-6266 after three rings
Provide call forwarding for x5-7211
Provide a call pickup group for x5-5154, 5-5800, 5-2843

  • When requesting Moves, Adds or Changes (telephones will be installed, relocated or removed), follow these examples:

    Move x5-5800 from jack 99.A1.1624.15.A to jack 99.A1.1324.125A

  • Install a new jack for a telephone in building 60, room 3234. Put the new jack on the wall closest to the doorway. A sketch/diagram is provided.

Cost Information

Those requesting service can first request a Cost Estimate. . A cost estimate of the work and time for the project will be provided by our staff, and no work will be done until verified by the customer.

Additional Information

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RIT Extension to Cellular User Guide

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Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk at 5-4357.