Moves, Additions, and Changes to Your Service

The ITS Communications Services Service Request is the most important document we use to facilitate new and changed service requirements.

The Service Request is used for:

  • New services - to install new telephones
  • Disconnect service - to remove existing telephones
  • Moves - to relocate existing telephones
  • System changes - to change features, such as coverage
  • Renovations - to rearrange and/or enlarge space which affects walls where existing telephones, data outlets, and/or CATV outlets are located and new telephones, data outlets, and/or CATV outlets will be required.

The Service Request is pre-numbered and one service request is enough to do all the work you want done at one time. There are costs associated with most of the service requests; however, we provide feature changes and name changes at no cost.

Service Requests are generally completed within 2 weeks of receipt of completed form.


Procedures to Fill Out a Service Request

Contact x5-5800 to acquire a Service Request or print out the online Service Request form.

When filling out the request, area Telecommunications Coordinators can assist in supplying information such as account number and correct formatting or wording of the actual request for service. (The coordinators need to be aware of all changes to phones, and their name should appear on the order.)



Fill out all areas except Service Request Number; our staff will supply this number to customers. Information in the Heading section lets ITS Communications Services staff know which department is making the request, the contact person, their telephone number and who will be charged for the work if appropriate.

There are two lines for account information - Acct. No. Rental and Acct. No. Installation. The Rental Account Number let's our staff know which account will be charged for monthly billing for the new telephones installed. The other rental line is used to designate what account to charge for the work done to install, move, or change telephones as requested. Often, the rental and installation accounts are different.


Requested Service

There are several points to emphasize when requesting services:

  • On, or attached to the Service Request, submit a sketch placing all new telephones and existing telephones to be relocated or removed. For new telephones, indicate "new" on the sketch. (There will be no telephone number or jack number for new phones, these will be assigned by ITS Communications Services as the work is performed.)
  • Use the existing jack numbers to reference the telephones to be relocated or removed. (The jack number is found on the jack box that phone lines are plugged into.)
  • When requesting system changes only (no telephones will be installed, relocated or removed), follow these examples:

    Provide x5-2344 coverage to x5-6266 after three rings
    Provide intercom for x5-5222, x5-7865 and x5-7954
    Provide call forwarding for x5-7211
    Provide a call pickup group for x5-5154, 5-5800, 5-2843

  • When requesting Moves, Adds or Changes (telephones will be installed, relocated or removed), follow these examples:

    Move x5-5800 from jack 99A1162415A to jack 99A11324125A.

  • Install a new jack for a telephone in building 60, room 3234. Put the new jack on the wall closest to the doorway. A sketch is provided.


Authorized Signature

The service request must be submitted with an authorized signature and the 24-digit account number the work will be charged to at the time of installation. An authorized signature is from an individual in the department that has budget authority.


Cost Information

Those requesting service can first request a Cost Estimate. Submit the Service Request with all the same information as above, but check the Cost Estimate Only box toward the middle of the page on the form. A cost estimate of the work and time for the project will be provided by our staff, and no work will be done until verified by the customer. Return the request form to ITS Communications Services if the project is approved.


Completing and Submitting Service Requests

After completing the Service Request, return the white and yellow copies to Telecommunications; keep the pink for your department. For those printing and using an online form, be sure to make a copy of your request before submitting the information to Telecommunications Services.

Interoffice Mail to:
ITS Service Desk 7b

Fax to: 
ITS Service Desk 585-475-7884

Our staff will contact the submitter to confirm work and to give a Service Request number assignment as a reference.

Service Requests are generally completed within 2 weeks of receipt of completed form.

Download Service request - You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

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Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk 5-5800 and 5-2810 (TTY)