Optional Software

Managed Software Update (MSU) also has self-service functionality. ITS has provided software applications that users can install at their convenience, without the need to contact ITS.

  1. Click on the Spotlight button in the upper right of the screen.

  2. Type in "Managed", and then click on "Managed Software Update".

  3. Click the "Optional software..." button

  4. Check the checkbox next to the desired software application. More than one can be selected at a time, and unchecking a box will uninstall the associated program.
    Click the "Update software list..." button.

  5. MSU will download the necessary files for the selected software application installations.

  6. Review the summary, then click the "Update now" button.

  7. If the software application installation does not require a restart, the "Update without logging out" button may be clicked. Otherwise, click the "Log out and update" button.

  8. MSU will install/uninstall the selected software application(s) automatically. The status can be monitored in the progress window. When MSU has completed the requested operations, it will simply disappear, and the software application will be ready for use.