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Cable TV Support

RIT Housing provides cable TV to RIT Dorms and Apartments. Students will need a coaxial cable to connect to the Cable port in their Room. Students living in a RIT Apartment will have a cable TV jack in the bedrooms and living room. 

If you are having problems see all offered channels on your TV, you may need to run the chanel lineup setup from TV menu to scan for available channels.


Cable TV Channel Lineup 

RIT TV Line Up


Resnet Channel 20 

Students can tune into Channel 20 on the RIT campus for support instructions for Game Consoles and getting other devices connected to the network. 


HD Digital Cable Box

Students can contact Time Warner Cable for a HD Digital Cable Box at a discounted price (under $20 a month). Students need to contact Time Warner to activate this service. Students will have to pickup the cable box from the Time Warner Cable at the Mt. Hope office location. 

When setting up service, students living in the dorms will need to provide the representative with their dorm number, RIT USPS Mail Box, and other billing information. Be sure to mention that you are living at RIT when activating service. 

Students living in the RIT apartments can use their apartment number to activate the discount service under. 


Support & Service

ITS Resnet does not provide Cable TV  tech support for students. Students will need to contact Time Warner Cable with any Cable TV problems. To contact TWC, call (585) 756-5000.

Students living in the dorms should use this address when contacting customer support:

1 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623

Students living in an RIT Apartment should use their unit number instead of the address listed above.