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Media Streaming Devices

Most media streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku and internet TV's do not support enterprise encryption. For these devices, students will have to acquire the MAC address and register the device on start.rit.edu. Students can stop by our office with the device for assistance finding the MAC Address.

Google's Chromecast will not work on the RIT network due to the configuration must be preformed on a different device on the same subnet as the Chromecast device. RIT's wireless subnets are virutalized regardless of which access point you are connected to.

Note: Most media streaming devices are not designed to work on an enterprise network. Students may have issues with sharing media from a Wired device to a Wireless device due to the subnet design of RIT's Network. 

Students can setup a local network using a wired router (Wireless must be disabled) to stream content from a computer.