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ITS Resnet

Information & Technology Services Residential Networking

Resnet Repair Process

The Resnet repair process are the steps that we take to ensure your computer is working properly after being serviced by our staff. Every customer is allowed one machine or device submitted to our tech center at a time. Below are the steps we take to make sure your trip to our office is easy and enjoyable. 

What should I bring?

  • The device experiencing isuses
  • Power cables/adapters (except for esktops with a standard PC power cord)
  • Any software you would like us to install along with their license keys, if applicable

What is not accepted by Resnet?

  • Laptop bags, sleeves or carrying cases
  • USB dongles for wireless keyboards or mice
  • Printers
  • Pirated software

Repair Process

  1. Once you arrive at our office, we will ask you to fill out a ticket for your repair request and to agree to our End User License Agreement. When creating a ticket, you will be able to provide us with a product description, device username and password, contact information and a problem description.
  2. Our technician will work with you in the office for approximately 20 minutes to try to fix any quick issues such as wireless, email, and device registration. If the tech is unable to resolve the issue within this timeframe, we will ask for you to submit your device to our tech center for advance diagnosis and repairs.
  3. Tickets submitted to the tech center will be worked on in the order they were received. Our technicians will focus on resolving the primary issue(s) you reported. If there is something we are unable to fix, we will contact you with more information, including part replacement recommendations if necessary.
  4. Once the primary issues are resolved, we will scan for viruses and malware as well as install any operating system, application, and drivers updates. 
  5. Our senior technicians will then review the ticket to verify all steps were completed successfully. The senior technician will then "sign off" the machine  and reset the device's passwords.
  6. You will be contacted by phone and email to inform you that the repair request is complete. You will need a photo ID to pickup the machine.

Estimated Time for Repair

Our tech center operates a on queued based system and tickets are worked on in the order they are received. When you drop off your computer, the technician will inform of you our estimated wait time. We unfortunately cannot provide a precise completion date as unexpected issues and fluctuations in ticket volume effect this completion date. Please keep in mind that Resnet's ticket volume increases greatly when school ends or resumes around holiday breaks, thus increasing the wait time for completion.

At any point in time you are welcome to pick up your machine as-is. Please note that picking up yout machine early means that your repairs are not completed, and there is no guarantee your machine will function properly after pickup.

Repair Installations & Full Installations

Some machines submitted to our tech center may require a repair install or a full install of the operating system to resolve the issue. These are two different repair processes and the terminology can be confusing; below is a description of the process for each to help you understand.

Repair Install

A repair installation is essentially an installation of the operating system that replaces corrupt or missing system files, while still leaving the user's data and programs in place. This is completed when Windows corruption is considered the source of issues on your machine.

Windows machines requiring a repair install will have all applications, files and folders moved to the directory C:\Windows.old. A valid Microsoft Windows product key will be required for a repair install to be completed. 

Since there is a very rare chance a repair install can corrupt data, we will always as for your permission before performing a repair install. We will also ask if you would like your data backed up.  We are able to backup non-copyrighted data to our server as a precaution; this data includes personal files, school work, photos, etc. Copyrighted data such as movies, software, and music require the you to bring in an external drive for a backup to be completed to.

Applications, data, folders and other information should remain intact. However, if any programs are removed that require a license key to install, Resnet will require you to provide the installation media and license key to reinstall them.

Mac machines will have a repair formerly known as an "Archive and Install." This process is similar to the Windows process in that the data remains while the system files are replaced. Just as with Windows, we will request your permission before we perform this repair. We still recommend a backup of non-copyrighted data in the event the system files accidentally overwrites personal folders,.

Full Install

For both Windows and Mac OS X, a full install will format the main hard drive on the computer, meaning all data will be deleted from the hard drive. Windows machines must either have a legible and matching product key on the side of the computers case, the original Microsoft install media, a working factory recovery partition, or an MSDNAA purchase receipt with a valid Windows key.

All licensed software on the machine will be deleted in this process (games, MS Office, etc.). Resnet can reinstall these programs with the original install media and a valid license key.

We will backup all non-copyright data to our servers, if requested. Copyrighted data will need to be backed up to an external hard drive. 

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Recovery processes require an external drive (flash drive or hard drive) to store the recovered files to. We ask that you provide a drive that has plenty of free space, preferably as much free space as the size of the failing drive. We make every attempt to recover as much data as possible, however there are instances where a hard drive has failed beyond the point of data recovery that Resnet is able to perform.