ITS Resnet

Information & Technology Services Residential Networking

Wireless Networks

This page explains the wireless network polices of ITS. The wireless network is monitored to report unauthorized access points and wireless routers. 

Personal Access Points

Students are not permitted to setup or use their own wireless networks*. This is due to limited wireless spectrum on 2.4GHz & 5 GHz frequencies used for Wi-Fi.

The access points installed by RIT communicate with each other through a central server so they actively avoid interfering with each other. This is required because there are over 3,500 access points across campus that need to be able to communicate to provide a seamless client connection across access points.. When other access points transmit at the same time, it disrupts the ability of the RIT access points to coordinate with each other and degrades network performance for every user in the area. The design and placement of the access points ensure seamless coverage across campus. 

Students located in the Residents Halls, Perkins, Colony Manor, Global Village, University Commons are covered by RIT’s wireless network and cannot setup wireless routers, access points, and AD-HOC networks.  Students can use the router features on their device with the wireless disabled.

*excludes students living in Riverknoll or at the RIT Inn.

Riverknoll and the RIT Inn Wireless Networks

Riverknoll is not connected to the RIT network and is serviced by Time Warner Cable. The RIT Inn was not part of the original wireless project and is currently being evaluated for possible future wireless internet infrastructure. Students living in these locations are permitted to setup their own wireless networks. Student can contact us with assistance properly setting up and securing their own networks in approved locations.

Guest Access for Wireless networks

Currently at this time, there is no guest network access for visitors of RIT. Students can allow a friend to connect to the wireless network using their RIT username and password. Students who do this are responsible for proper use of RIT network resources on the device that is signed into the network. Students should verify that the device connected is not setup to use illegal file sharing programs while connected to our network.

Wireless Printers

ITS Resnet does not support or troubleshoot connecting wireless printers to the wireless network. Students who wish to setup wireless printers on our network should understand the risk. Because devices connected to the RIT Network have public IP address, wireless printers and devices are subjected to outside network activity. Students who setup a wireless printer should understand that anyone can print to it unless proper security settings are enabled. Resnet recommends that printers be setup with a USB cable.

Most printers do not support enterprise encryption for wireless networks. Printers will have to be manually registered on start.rit.edu and connected to the “rit” unsecured network. When setting up the printer, you will need to setup a hostname on start.rit.edu (i.e.. myprinter.wireless.rit.edu) to print to as the printers IP will change.  Printers should not be setup for ad-hoc network printing.