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ITS BlackBerry Enterprise Services - Basics

Effective June 1, 2014, RIT will discontinue support of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).  For more information, visit

Welcome to RIT's basic BlackBerry information page. This site has been designed to assist you in the basic set up of your BlackBerry and answer some frequently asked questions. Please note that these instructions are not device specific, for more detailed troubleshooting not provided by RIT, see

Q. What is a BlackBerry and how does it work?

A. A BlackBerry is an end to end wireless e-mail solution that will allow you to gain access to your Outlook Inbox, calendar, contacts, and task list with full wireless synchronization capability.

The BlackBerry Server will constantly be in communication with your Exchange E-Mail box (that your Outlook talks to), as soon as something comes into your e-mail box our BlackBerry Server will obtain a copy of it and will send that change out to your device through the internet. Your device will receive that information through the Internet using your carrier's preferred network (i.e. CDMAGPRS, etc) . The process works in reverse if you have made changes on your device that need to be replicated in your Outlook Account. For example, if you send a message that needs to be copied to your sent items, or if you add a contact to your contacts list.

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Q. How do I activate my BlackBerry on RIT's E-Mail System?

A. First, make sure you have all the tasks in the BlackBerry Checklist completed,and then follow the steps located here.

BlackBerry Checklist:

  • You MUST purchase a BlackBerry and subscribe to a data service separate from your voice plan. Verify with your provider that this data service CAN be used with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • Activate your device on the Wireless Network (and check to be sure it's working). Your carrier will provide instructions for this process when you purchase the plan and/or device. Verizon, for example, requires you to dial *228 and follow the instructions. This is required even if you have opted out of phone service on the device. This step is separate from "Enterprise Activation", an icon on your BlackBerry device.
  • If you already have a device, you must be sure that you are running at least BlackBerry Software v4.0.
  • You will need an RIT Exchange E-Mail Account.
  • Contact the ITS Service Desk to initiate the BlackBerry Account creation process.

Wireless Activation to the RIT BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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Q. I'm having problems finding my Enterprise Activation icon, or it's giving me errors.

A. We have compiled a list of things to look for that can keep you from completing an Enterprise Activation. If you can not find the Enterprise Activation icon, or if you are getting errors while trying to activate, follow the link below.

New device Activation errors

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Q. Where can I download the Desktop Manager Software?

A. To download a new copy of the Desktop Manager Software, go to and click on Software Downloads. There will be a link to download the most recent BlackBerry Software.

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Q. Where can I find additional troubleshooting tips?

A. The following PDF contains general FAQ's about BlackBerry's.

BlackBerry FAQ

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Q. Do you have any BlackBerry shortcuts?

A. The PDF linked below will give you some useful BlackBerry tips. This is a general guide, each BlackBerry comes with an instruction manual with device-specific shortcuts.

BlackBerry Handheld Tips

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