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ITS BlackBerry Enterprise Services - Checking Signal Strength

Checking the signal strength will verify that your BlackBerry has a signal strong enough to send and receive wireless information.

  1. Turn on your BlackBerry.
  2. Check the signal strength in the Status section (usually the upper right corner) of the screen. If you only have one or two bars of signal, you may want to move to a location where the signal is stronger. To check exactly how strong the signal is, continue with the next steps.
  3. Click the Options icon.
  4. Click Status.
  5. Verify the value in the Signal field is more than -100 dBm (decibels relative to a power level of one milliwatt). A signal strength of less than -100 dBm (for example, -121 dBm) indicates a weak signal.
  6. If the signal is weak, move to a location where your wireless service provider's signal is stronger.