ITS BlackBerry Enterprise Services - Technical Information

This page provides technical information and specifications for RIT ITS BlackBerry Service.

Client Access License

Your wireless service provider may mention that a Client Access License (CAL) is required to access the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. ITS BlackBerry Service includes an activation fee and a CAL, and the cost is $70.00.

How Services Are Integrated

ITS BlackBerry Service is based on Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The BES server integrates with the RIT Exchange Messaging Server, which provides e-mail, calendar, contacts, task lists, and other personal management information. The BES server pushes Exchange data to BlackBerry devices via the user's wireless service provider.

BlackBerry Simulator

For individuals who provide technical support for BlackBerry devices but do not have a device themselves, the BlackBerry Simulator may be a useful tool. In addition to simulating BlackBerry features and functions, including connectivity, you can choose a variety of BlackBerry devices to simulate, allowing you to support many of the devices your clients might use. You must also download the BlackBerry JDE to use the simulator to its fullest extent.