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Mobile Services Overview

What is Mobile Messaging?

Mobile Messaging is the method of bringing your desktop Outlook items to your handheld device; usually a Smartphone, a Blackberry, a Palm device or a Windows based PDA. Today's Mobile Messaging allows you to wirelessly synchronize your handheld device with your Inbox, Contacts, and Calendar items without the need to dial in or initialize any connections.

Like any computer, software applications are available for your Mobile Device. But like Macintosh vs. PC's, not all software that runs on one will run on the other. Check with the manufacturer or vendor to be sure that the device you choose will do what you will need it to do.

For receiving e-mail and synchronizing with specific Outlook Folders, ITS can support the following devices.

  • All Blackberry Devices v4.0
  • Windows Mobile Devices 5.0 with ActiveSync v2.8.1 or later
  • Palm Treo 650 & 700 with Exchange ActiveSync

If you just don't know which is the device for you, go to: Which device is right for me?

Which device is right for me?

ITS encourages you to find the device and service that will suit your needs. On this page, you will find information on the types of devices available (Treo, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile). Each type of device can be used with our current network infrastructure, but each of them have their "pro's and con's". Since this site will give you general information, we recommend that you consult your wireless carrier for any device specific information and comparison.


The chart below will give you a side by side comparison of the devices available. This information compares Blackberry Devices running v4.0, Smart Phones & Pocket P.C.'s running Windows Mobile 5, and Palm Treo 650 using Exchange Active Sync.

Note: that the Treo 700 is a Smart Phone running Windows Mobile 5.

RIT Wireless Carrier Contacts & Plan Information

Below you will find contact information for the various Wireless Carriers