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The following guidelines were developed for typical office use. In most cases, this includes word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail and web browsing.

Computing technology changes a lot, and ITS will make every effort to keep these recommendations up to date. Check back often for the latest information.

These recommendations are for new computers only – please call us for advice before upgrading an existing machine. ITS generally advises that an office computer be replaced after 5 years of service.


The information on these pages is intended for RIT owned computers, you should consult your academic department for any specific computer hardware or software you may need for your academics.

To get specifications and pricing for personal purchases, you need to go to a different site, located at Digital Den's online portal.

Click here to view the standard hardware and software for the standard laptop.


Windows OS Recommended Laptop System: Dell Latitude E6440, E7440, or E7240

Through an agreement with Dell Computer, RIT offers Faculty and Staff a specially configured laptop machine known as the RIT Standard Laptop. When you buy an RIT Standard Laptop, it includes Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. The software is already installed on the machine, and an ITS desktop support representative will come to your office at your request to set the machine up for you.

Complete specifications and pricing for Institute purchases are available from the Dell premier web page, For assistance with purcheasing a new computer please consider contacting your support represenative or the ITS Service Desk, who will direct you to the appropriate person for your area.

If you are an authorized permier page user, then you can view the RIT standards by:

  1. Look on the left side of the page for the words "Purchasing Tools".
  2. Click on "Purchasing Tools".
  3. Look on the left side of the page for "Your Dell Store"
  4. Click on "Your Dell Store".
  5. Click on "Standard Desktop - RIT" to view the standard configuration.

Note that there are a range of options offered with respect to video, memory, hard disk and other items. You can select from among these options, and then click "Update Price" at the bottom of the page. A custom quote will be generated, and you can simply refer to that quote number when you submit a purchase requisition to RIT Purchasing.

NOTE: Using the Dell Premier page makes a cookie on your hard disk, so cookies must be enabled in your web browser in order for this page to work.

Intel® Core i5 or i7
Operating System
Windows 7 Enterprise
at least 4.0GB
Hard Drive
Hybrid or SSD
Wireless LAN
Intel based wireless
Advance Management
Intel VPro
5-year Basic Limited and NBD Onsite Service


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