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DSS Recreational Computer Use Policy

The computer systems operated by ITS Distributed Support Services are intended primarily for academic related computing needs. The support of recreational computer programs (e.g. games) is NOT a primary mission of DSS. This policy should be considered an addendum to the ITS Code of Conduct for Computer Use and the ITS Games Policy. All users who wish to play or develop game programs on DSS computers and the ITS computer systems are expected to be familiar with these policies. These policies are available on-line at or in hardcopy form from ITS Service Desk.

Recreational use of computers (e.g. game playing) is permitted in the lab during off-peak hours. However, a DSS Lab Assistant will ask a user to stop if:

  • they are in a restricted access lab
  • they are disruptive to other users in the lab
  • another student needs the computer to work on schoolwork
  • the use is network intensive
  • the use appears to be damaging the equipment

If a user (or users) refuse to comply with the DSS Lab Assistant's request to stop, the DSS Lab Assistant will contact their management who in turn may contact Public Safety for assistance.

Careful observance of the rules in this policy by all users will allow DSS and RIT to continue to provide excellent service for academic and administrative use while allowing recreational use of otherwise idle computers. DSS feels that this policy is necessary to strike a fair balance between required use and recreational use of the computing systems. Without such a policy, DSS would probably have to take the much stricter stance of disallowing all recreational use of the systems.