UC4 Job Scheduling Services

Service Description

UC4 Job Scheduling is a service that enables the enterprise to schedule and monitor computer batch jobs. The scheduler is able to initiate and manage jobs automatically by processing prepared job control scripts and statements.

Applications that utilize the UC4 scheduling service benefit from a single point of control for administration and automation of operator activities to ensure a more consistent and reliable operations. This service offers better control for job processing across multiple ITS managed applications and platforms in a distributed environment.

The UC4 scheduling service enables ITS to control jobs across managed applications so they run at the right time, in the proper order of execution (including parallel and sequential processing) with monitoring services to ensure jobs terminate normally and provide problem management with error reports for those that do not.

End users can be granted view access for their application environment in the UC4 scheduling system to monitor job status and progress.


The UC4 job scheduling service:
  • Improves current data processes, such as automating processes that are currently manual. Improves job handling across disparate systems, especially those that have specific input/output dependencies, sequence, etc.
  • Provides the ability to check and validate jobs and notify on failures.
  • Extends services by providing the ability to securely move data from one system to another that can't easily be completed today
  • Provides reporting capability.
  • Provides monitoring of jobs.
  • Provides ability to schedule multiple jobs with flexibility and complexity.
  • Allows for more informed and calculated decisions of maintenance schedules and impact analysis on scheduled jobs.
  • Ability to create and better manage business rules across disparate systems.
  • Increases productivity, efficiency, and security of operations in the production environment through centralized management and coordination.