Systems and Technologies

Finance Domain Support

General Information

ITS Desktop Support and the Client Administration support the Finance & Administration Division with a full range of technical support. The team is proactive and keeps technical systems up to date and secure by providing regular system updates, security patches, scheduled server maintenance, and other initiatives. An e-mail notification system ensures that users are well informed.

Data Steward Information

To ensure that only the proper persons authorize permission changes, there are a series of procedures for delegating and terminating access to services and shares. In order to accomplish this, at least one person from every department is require to appoint a data steward for their respective shares. These changes will go into effect immediately upon receipt of a completed data steward form.

What is a Data Steward?

A data steward provides authorization over a Finance & Administration department network share. They are the primary contact to grant or revoke permission to any user for network shares under the data steward's control.

Why do we need Data Stewards?

Data stewards provide a level of security, because no employee will be allowed to email or call ITS Support and request a change or elevation in security to gain access to network shares unless explicitly granted by their department data stewards.

What are the Data Steward responsibilities?

A data steward must field any requests for permission changes to department network shares and authorize them. These authorizations will be fielded to the ITS Finance & Administration systems administrators to perform. The systems administrators will only fulfill change requests that come directly from the department data steward, all other inquires will be redirected back to the proper channel.