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Apple Address Book

Apple Address Book is an integrated application that works closely with Apple Mail, as well as other Mac OS X applications. Users can store e-mail addresses, multiple phone numbers, mailing addresses, home pages, instant messenging user names, and other commonly used contact information for everyone that they come in contact with. Additionally, a small photograph can be included to make identification easier within Address Book. To aid in ease of use, the program shares many of the same interface features that are found in Apple's other applications.

Address Book works directly with Apple Mail and iChat (Apple's AOL Instant Messenger client). You can import data from other applications that store contact information. Importing most kinds of data works through AppleScripts stored in:

/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/

It can also synchronize data to Apple's .Mac subscription service, as well as to Bluetooth-enabled phones and most kinds of Palm OS-based handheld computers. To synchronize, you must have Apple's iSync and iCal software installed -- and if you are using a Palm handheld, you will also need Palm Desktop 4.0 or later on your computer.

With Address Book in Panther, you can also synchronize to your Microsoft Exchange address book.

Address Book can store contacts (see Add people to Apple Address Book) and groups (see Add groups to Apple Address Book).

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