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AppleCare Auto Enroll

The AppleCare extended warranty is available for purchase in two ways: Auto Enroll and Enrollment Kit.

When you buy a computer for the Institute, we strongly recommend that you purchase it with the "Auto Enroll" option. This automatically registers your computer for its extended warranty, and avoids the need to keep track of a separate enrollment number for the warranty. Your computer's serial number is all you need.

The Auto Enroll option is only available at the time of initial purchase. (This means you cannot use this option if you are buying the computer on one budget year and extending its warranty the next year.) You must add it to your computer purchase as part of the "build to order" (BTO) process on the Apple Store for Education.

If you are ordering computers for the Institute, and you will have some with and without AppleCare, we recommend splitting the order for best results. Order the computers with the extended warranties and Auto Enrollment on one purchase, and those without AppleCare on a second order. This will ensure that the warranties are applied to the correct computers.

If you did not buy your computer with the AppleCare Auto Enroll option, you can still buy an Enrollment Kit later. The Enrollment Kit is the second option, and it is the only way to add AppleCare coverage to personal Macintosh purchases.

The Enrollment Kit requires you to fill out an information card which must be returned to Apple for processing before your warranty is extended; if you fail to fill out and return the required information, your extended warranty does not take effect. The enrollment must be done before the computer's original one year warranty expires. You should keep the enrollment number from your Enrollment Kit in a safe place, as it identifies your computer for the extended warranty. The kit may be more or less expensive than Auto Enrollment, but it does mean more paperwork.

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Question: What is AppleCare Auto Enroll?
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