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Microsoft Entourage Exchange servers and protocols

Microsoft Entourage uses various protocols to communicate with your account on RIT's Microsoft Exchange servers.

Microsoft Entourage v.X

Microsoft Entourage v.X, version 10.1.4, was the first version of Entourage to provide a specific account type for Exchange.


To work with the kinds of data stored in an Exchange account or on an Exchange system, it required the following protocols:

IMAP Incoming mail
Public Folders
SMTP Outgoing mail
Event invitations and responses, which work best when sent through an Exchange SMTP server, so that the invitations get the correct MAPI wrapper expected by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA)
LDAP Simulated Global Address List (GAL) lookups through the Global Catalog LDAP interface
WebDAV Personal calendaring sync
Contacts sync
Free/busy lookup, which in the RIT environment requires the free/busy Public Folders be replicated to our front end servers

Microsoft Entourage 2004

Microsoft Entourage 2004 (or version 11) refined the program's support for Exchange accounts a great deal. The reliance on IMAP and SMTP has been eliminated and replaced with WebDAV, which means that Entourage can work virtually anywhere Outlook Web Access (OWA) can.


WebDAV Incoming mail
Outgoing mail
Event invitations and responses, with none of the limitations of SMTP and MAPI wrappers from the earlier Entourage
Personal calendar sync
Contacts sync
Public Folders
Free/busy lookup
LDAP Simulated Global Address List (GAL) lookups through the Global Catalog LDAP interface
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Question: What servers and protocols are used by Exchange accounts in Microsoft Entourage?
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