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Mac OS

Mac OS is the classic operating system from Apple. It evolved from the system software on the original Macintosh systems introduced by Apple in 1984.

Mac OS X in the next-generation of the Mac OS operating system. It was released in spring 2001. Mac OS X requires a copy of Mac OS 9 in order to run older software in its Classic environment.

Mac OS 9

The most recent major version of Mac OS classic is Mac OS 9. It has been updated to Mac OS 9.2.2, but only Macs that shipped from Apple with PowerPC G3 or G4 processors can run it. New Mac models released after January 2003 do not offer the ability to boot into Mac OS 9; they require Mac OS X, but still run Mac OS 9 software in Classic mode.

Mac OS 9.1 is the last version of the classic Mac OS which runs on all of Apple's PowerPC hardware.

Mac OS 8

Mac OS 8 was introduced in fall of 1997. It was a major step forward in terms of stability, reliability, and speed from its predecessors. It was also the first Mac OS to truly ship with Internet features in the box. It included software to access local area networks as well as dial-in Internet service providers (ISPs), and also came bundled with Web browsers and e-mail programs.

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