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Maintain a Macintosh

Macs are generally reliable, both from a hardware and software standpoint. We find this to be especially true with Mac OS X based computers. However, that does not mean they are free from problems or the need to do some regular maintenance to keep them running in top form.

We have more information about maintaining Macintosh systems in our Macintosh troubleshooting FAQ, the Macintosh errors FAQ, a Macintosh security FAQ, and our System administration FAQ.

For Hardware repair service, we strongly recommend that you consider an AppleCare extended warranty on any system where you need some level of guarateed availability and/or want to lock-in hardware repair costs. We always recommend AppleCare for Apple's portable computers. There is more information on our Service and repair FAQ.

If you are having a problem with your Macintosh system, you may draw upon our resources and expertise at any time -- contact us through the ITS Service Desk. We want to assist you in reaching a satisfying and timely resolution to your problem!

Question: What is Maintain a Macintosh?
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