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Background information

The tn3270 X software distributed by Brown University is the official TN3270 client for the Macintosh computers recommended by ITS at RIT.

A TN3270 client is needed to access the RIT IBM mainframe environment. Several critical university applications are hosted on this environment - most notably, the student records system known as STARS.

Installing tn3270 for Mac OS X

The current version of RIT's tn3270 X installer is designed for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard systems.

Note: This updated installer has been tested on both Tiger and Leopard. It has not been tested on Panther or earlier Mac OS X versions, and is considered unsupported on them.

Download the tn3270 X installation package

Click here to save the installation package (valid RIT computer account required) to the download folder on your Macintosh computer. Typically, the download folder is set as your Desktop.

Install the tn3270 X package

You must have access to a Mac OS X administrator account on your computer in order to install the software. However, you do not need to be logged in as an admin user - a standard user account will work, as long as you know and can enter admin username and password.

  1. Find the installation package on your Mac and double-click the "RITtn3270X.mpkg.zip" icon to decompress the ZIP archive.
  2. Double-click on the resulting "RITtn3270X.mpkg" or "RITtn3270X" (if you have filename extensions hidden) file to launch the installer.
  3. Proceed through the installer screens, selecting the destination disk (typically your startup hard disk) and entering an administrator's username and password along the way, to complete the installation. By default, the appropriate settings for the RIT IBM mainframe are configured for your Mac OS X user account.

If multiple users log in to the IBM mainframe from your computer from different Mac OS X user accounts, their terminal settings:

  • will be updated for them if Mac OS X Leopard is the underlying operating system (a log out and log in as the user may be required)
  • must be updated manually on earlier version of Mac OS X by running the "RIT tn3270 setup" utility that the installer places in your /Applications/Utilities folder. (A future version of tn3270 X may no longer require this.)

Connect to the RIT mainframe with tn3270 X

  1. Launch the tn3270 X application in the /Applications folder. You should see a dialog box which lists the Host Name as "ritmvs.rit.edu" and the Window Title as "RIT IBM mainframe environment."
    tn3270XOpenConnect: tn3270XOpenConnect
    Note: If you do not see this dialog or its contents differ from this description, run the "RIT tn3270 setup" utility from the /Applications/Utilities folder. After that, relaunch the tn3270 X application.
  2. Click the "Open Connection" button to connect to the RIT IBM mainframe.

When you have successfully connected, you can verify your connection and its security by choosing Network > Connection Status. You should see a Status of "3270 session established" and Security listed as "SSL/TLS, protocol negotiated." It is not necessary to verify this every time you open a new connection, but the option is there if you want to use it.

tn3270XConnectionStatus: tn3270XConnectionStatus

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