Systems and Technologies

Use a Macintosh


Once your computer is up and running, you'll want to know what to install on it, and how to use those software packages. Our Software page covers that topic.


Printing is a common but important activity. Check out our Printing FAQ.

Sound and display

Working with on-screen images and computer-produced audio is also common on the Macintosh. See our Display FAQ for more information.


Find out how to get on the Internet and use the RIT campus network. See our Macintosh networking FAQ and Macintosh Internet FAQ pages for more information.


We have a lot of information related to E-mail at RIT. We also have specific information on how to Connect to Exchange with a Macintosh, and, of course, a Macintosh e-mail FAQ.

System administration

Whether you manage one or more than one Macintosh, you may want to visit our System administration FAQ or Macintosh security FAQ for ideas and assistance. If you are the administrator for multiple Macintosh systems, we highly recommend that you contact us to discuss the resources ITS has available to help.

We also have helpful details in our Service and repair FAQ and the Support policy FAQ.

If you are trying to solve problems, you may find our Macintosh troubleshooting FAQ or Macintosh errors FAQ to be of benefit.

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