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Set up Mac OS X for RIT DialIP

Set up requirements

You must have a modem installed in or connected to your computer in order to set up Mac OS X for PPP access to the RIT DialIP Internet service. An internal modem is preferred. Your modem needs to be connected to a working telephone line.

You must also have an RIT computer account.

You do not need to use RIT's Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software when you are connected to the DialIP service. In fact, you should not use it, as VPN software will further slow down your modem connection.

Set up manually

Mac OS X does not preset the default settings to connect to RIT DialIP (as it does with other network types used at RIT), so you will need to go through the following steps to configure dial-in access.

  1. Open the "Network" preference pane in the System Preferences application.
  2. Click the pop-up menu next to "Show" and select "Active Network Ports" (Jaguar or earlier) or "Network Port Configurations" (Panther). The window will change to display the status of your network interfaces -- whether they are on or off, and in what order they will be used.
  3. Verify that your modem has a check next to its name. It is typically named "Internal Modem." If you have an external modem, it will probably be named something else. Some kinds of external modems may not work with Mac OS X.
  4. Click on the name of your modem and drag it to the bottom of the list. We recommend setting your modem connection to be the lowest-priority port. It is almost always the lowest-speed connection available. It is also generally the least convenient (thanks to the low speed and the amount of time it takes to dial in and connect to PPP services), if you also have occasional access to other RIT services like on-campus Ethernet and wireless links.
  5. Click the pop-up menu labeled "Show" again and select the modem from the list.
  6. Click on the "TCP/IP" tab.
  7. Click the pop-up menu next to "Configure" and then select "Using PPP". Do not change any other TCP/IP settings; leave all of the other fields blank.
  8. Click the "PPP" tab .
  9. Enter in the information to connect to RIT DialIP:
    • Service Provider: RIT DialIP
    • Account Name: your RIT account username
    • Password: your RIT account password
    • Telephone Number: 427-2000
    • Alternate Number: (leave blank; there is no alternate for DialIP)
  10. Check the "Save password" button if you do not wish to enter in your password each time you connect. Note that this setup is available to all users on the computer, so if you share your computer with other people then they can dial in using your RIT account's username and password. (However, they cannot directly read your password from the PPP settings.)
  11. Click the "Modem" tab. Verify that the modem listed matches the modem you are using with your computer. Many newer Macintosh models use the "Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90)" or similar modem script.
  12. Click the "Show modem status in menu bar" check box if you are going to dial-in frequently. This will make a modem menu appear near the right side of the menu bar and allow easy access for connecting and disconnecting.
  13. Click the "Apply Now" button.

Click the modem menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then select "Connect" to connect your computer to the Internet. To disconnect, click the modem menu again and select the "Disconnect" command.

If you did not enable the modem menu in the menu bar, you can open the Internet Connect application in the "Applications" folder.

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Question: How do I connect to RIT's DialIP Internet service via PPP with Mac OS X?
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