E-mail at RIT

RIT provides an e-mail address and account for all students, faculty, and staff. This e-mail account is created when you receive an RIT computer account.


 Setting Up E-mail

Faculty and Staff
Set-up documentation for Outlook and mobile devices to connect to RIT's Exchange mail server.

Information for students about how to access your Google Apps at RIT e-mail account.


 Using E-mail

E-mail Addresses at RIT
General information about E-mail at RIT.

Tiger File Exchanger
Send files up to 100MB (that are too large as e-mail attachments) to RIT colleagues using this tool.

Exchange Environment
Information about Microsoft Exchange e-mail at RIT. Important topics covered include e-mail quotas, calendaring, using the out-of-office assistant, managing your e-mail in local forlders, using public folders, and using the Global Address List (GAL).

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are used to send e-mail to more than one individual. There are several techniques that can be useful to you when sending or receiving those types of e-mail. The purpose of this page is to provide some basic information on the more common methods of e-mail distribution at RIT and is by no means meant to be an exhaustive resource.


 Protecting Yourself

Virus Protection Software
If you computer has been set up by ITS or another RIT adminsitrator, you will already have virus protection software.  

For home use, provides free virus protection software for students, staff, and faculty. An RIT acount may be required to download.

Spam Filtering
Your e-mail (on Exchange) is protected daily from HUGE volumes of spam. If the spam filter cannot clearly determine if an email sent to you is spam, it will quarantine it and then send you an email report of any questionable email quarantined in the last 24 hours. You will be able to review this list and decide whether to release any e-mail from quarantine to be delivered to your inbox.

Reporting Spam
If, however, spam gets through, it should be reported so that the spam filters can be improved.


Getting Help

ITS Service Desk
Contact the ITS Service Desk for more help.

Related Resources

Information Security
Keeping your computer and information secure is extremely important. This will bring you to the Information Security website where they provide information on securing your computer and privacy.

ITS Supported Services
This is where to go for more information on computer-based services that ITS provides the RIT community.

Getting Help
Still need help? Here's where to find contact information for the ITS Service Desk where all you computing questions can be asked.