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E-mail addresses at RIT

Your RIT computer account has at least one e-mail address associated with it. Depending on the options you have set up at, you may have more e-mail addresses.

If you set up personalized (students/faculty/staff) and/or named-based addresses (faculty/staff only), these additional addresses merely point to your RIT computer account.

Note: Personalized and name-based e-mail addresses do notprovide you with additional accounts, login usernames, or e-mail storage.

You can also make your forward to a different e-mail system, if you choose.

Based on your RIT account username

Your basic e-mail address at RIT is based on your RIT account username. Your username is the identity you use when logging into RIT computer systems.

Note: Usernames are not e-mail addresses. The RIT computer account username is the short name you use to identify yourself when you log into many RIT systems. It usually looks like "abc1234" (for students) or "abcits" (for faculty/staff). Your username does not and cannot contain an "at" symbol (@); an Internet e-mail address must contain one.

Therefore, if your username is "abc1234," then your basic e-mail address is:

We highly recommend that you use this e-mail address whenever you are setting up an e-mail client program for your RIT account.

This main address is used for membership and participation in official mailing lists at RIT. Participation in those lists and any automated membership is dependent on your RIT account e-mail address, especially the form of it. That means that your username-based e-mail address should be used for correspondence to mailing lists. This includes the RITSTAFF and ALLSTAFF lists, among others.


Your student, faculty, or staff computer account at RIT may have a personalized e-mail address. When you first get your account, there is no personalized e-mail address assigned to it; you must create the personalized address. If you add a personalized address of "aplusstudent" to your account, that address will look like:

The "" portion of the address is required, so that the personalized e-mail addresses do not come in conflict with regular RIT accounts whose e-mail addresses end in ""

Once you set up a personalized e-mail address for your account, it is suitable for putting on correspondence, stationery, and business cards.

However, because the personalized address can be changed easily through, you should realize that any changes will cause mail to the old personalized address to fail.

Based on your name

Your faculty or staff account allows another address, based on your real name. The address will be created based on your identity preferences, which are set at

So, if your staff account username is "abcits" and you set your identity preferences so that your name displays as a first and last name of "Amy Citizen," your name-based e-mail address will be:

Your specific name-based e-mail address must be set at There is the potential -- and the reality -- that more than one faculty or staff member at RIT will have the same first and last name. Therefore, because of the possibility of name conflicts, you must verify that your address is really your addressbefore you give it out to others.

This account feature is not available to students. Instead, students can use the personalized name described above.

Once you set up a name-based e-mail address for your account, it is suitable for putting on correspondence, stationery, and business cards.

However, because the name-based address can be changed easily through and it is based on your identity preferences, you should realize that any changes will cause mail to the old name-based address to fail.

Looking up addresses

The on-line RIT Directory can be used to look up e-mail address for students, faculty, and staff at RIT.

You can set up a mail program to use the RIT Directory, or you can search on the Web. You may also use the RIT Active Directory's Global Address List (GAL) or Global Catalog with a Microsoft Exchange-based e-mail program.

Effects on mail delivery and forwarding

Any mail sent to your main address, personalized address, or name-based address will be sent to the same place, your RIT computer account.

If you have chosen to forward your e-mail to a different e-mail system, then the three addresses described above will all forward to that outside e-mail system. You may turn mail forwarding on and off at

When you forward your e-mail to another system, we generally recommend that you continue to publish your basic e-mail address (the "" version) in the on-line RIT Directory. You do have your choice of what e-mail address to publish in the on-line directory, but bear in mind that there are people at RIT who will simply expect to see an address when they correspond with you.

Students may also show or hide their e-mail address in the directory, but this does not affect the delivery of messages if others know your address and do not have to look it up in the directory.

If you provided an e-mail address on your student application to RIT, that e-mail address is automatically entered as a forwarding address on your new RIT computer account. This is the only case where an RIT account is created with mail forwarding enabled. To turn off this forwarding, change your e-mail preferences at

Other e-mail systems at RIT

Some departments at RIT have chosen to operate their own mail systems -- either now or at times in the past. If you are using one of these systems, you should be aware that they are not necessarily linked to your RIT computer account (or its associated e-mail addresses).

However, you can provide a link by making sure that your mail is forwarded to the mail system you actually use. That way way, any mail sent to your address gets to where you actually read your mail.

So, we strongly recommend that you update your identity and e-mail preferences at You can set mail forwarding to send your mail to the other mail system.

Why? This will let others who are using the campus-wide mail system find you to send you mail, if needed, through the on-line RIT Directory. It will also allow some official RIT mail to reach you properly at your address, even if you aren't reading mail from the main RIT system. This will help provide more seamless communication with the rest of the Institute.

Again, even in these circumstances, we recommend that the address you publish in the RIT Directory be your basic e-mail address (like ""). This does not affect the behind-the-scenes forwarding of your mail to the other system, or delivery of mail from those people who choose to send messages directly to your e-mail address on the other system.