The Global Address List (GAL)


This address book contains a list of user names and e-mail addresses for all persons in the RIT Exchange environment. Additional information such at title, department and phone numbers may be listed for each user as well.

The GAL can be accessed by clicking on the Address Book icon address book icon or by clicking 'Tools' and selecting 'Address Book' from the drop-down menu.

We have configured your 'Contacts' list to appear in the Address Book first, but you can view the list of persons in the GAL by clicking the down arrow in the 'Show Names from the:' box and selecting 'Global Address List'

You can also search for persons at RIT who are not in the Exchange environment by selecting LDAP from the pull-down list and then clicking 'Tools' and selecting 'Find'. This will open the 'Find' window where you type in the person's name and click 'OK.'

Sending E-mail to Multiple Persons

One thing to keep in mind, especially for those persons who were former Netscape users, is that you cannot separate e-mail addresses in the 'To' field of a message with a comma. You have to use a semi-colon. An example is provided below. screenshot