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Public Folders


You will notice a new section under your ‘Folder List’ called ‘Public Folders’. Public folders are created to share information with others. The owner of a public folder can et permissions so that only a select group of people can read, post, edit and delete information; or a public folder can be set to be available to anyone in the Exchange environment.

Currently the Public Folders in our Exchange environment are a work in progress. Eventually each Organizational Unit (department, college, etc.) in the Main domain will have its’ own Public Folder. You can use these public folders to share e-mails with others in your group, or post information instead of e-mailing each individual person.

Other Organizational Units within the Exchange environment may have information that they want to share with the entire university. This can be posted in a section of their public folder that they’ve made available to everyone in the Exchange environment. Two such folders that are already available are the and public folders. These two public folders contain a copy of all e-mails sent to each of their respective mailing lists.

Everyone is automatically subscribed to the RITSTAFF mailing list. You have the option to remove (or resubscribe) yourself from the RITSTAFF mailing list. Contact the ITS Service Desk at x5-4357 for assistance with your membership to the RITSTAFF mailing list.

The location of these two public folders is is Public Folders | All Public Folders | Serivices | Mailing List Archive | Faculty & Staff Lists.  You will have to drill down (click the + sign next to each public folder) to the public folders to reach them.