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Adding RIT's Directory Service to Your Outlook 2002 Client


  1. Click on Outlook's "Tools" menu and select "E-mail Accounts". An "E-mail Accounts" window appears.
  2. Click on "View or change existing directories or address books" to select it, and then click "Next". The "Directories and Address Books" page appears.
  3. Check to see if the RIT LDAP directory appears in the list (it may be called ""). If it already appears in the list, double-click on it and proceed to "Configure RIT's Directory Service Properties" below.
  4. Click "Add". The "Directory or Address Book Type" page appears.
  5. Select "Internet Directory Service (LDAP)" and then click "Next". The "Directory Service (LDAP) Settings" page appears.
  6. Type "" in the "Server Name:" area.
Configure RIT's Directory Service Properties
  1. Place a checkmark in the "This server requires me to log on" box.
  2. Type the following in the "User Name" box, substituting the word "username" with your actual RIT username.
    • uid=username,ou=people,dc=rit,dc=edu
  3. Type your RIT password in the "Password" box.
    • Note: When you perform a search of the RIT LDAP directory, you will not be prompted for your password. If your password is incorrect, no search results will be shown. If you change your RIT password at some point in the future, you must also update this field with your new password in order to search the directory.
  4. Click the "More Settings" button. The "Add E-mail Account" page appears.
  5. Click "OK". The "Microsoft LDAP directory" window appears.
  6. Type "RIT LDAP directory" in the "Display Name" area.
  7. Place a checkmark in the box for "Use Secure Sockets Layer". When you check this box, the number that appears in the "Server Port Number:" section changes from "389" to "636". If the number does not change automatically, then change it yourself.
  8. Click on the "Search" tab. Type the following in the "Search Base" box:
    • ou=people,dc=rit,dc=edu
  9. Click "OK" to return to the "Directory Service (LDAP) Settings" page.
  10. Click "Next" to return to the "Directories and Address Books" page.
  11. Click "Finish" to return to the main Outlook window.