Tiger File Exchanger

Service Description

RIT provides the Tiger File Exchanger application to facilitate the secure transfer of large files to one or more recipients. The Tiger File Exchanger provides a short term and secure method for sharing files without impacting email mailbox quotas. Files are stored in the Tiger File Exchanger for up to 30 days. This service is limited to members of the RIT Community with an RIT Computer Account. File transfers are limited to 100MB per file.



Key features of the Tiger File Exchanger secure transfer application include:

  • Authenticated access to application.
  • Encrypted transfer of files up to 100MB in size 500MB per batch (multi-file).
  • Ability to send one or more files to one or more recipients at once.
  • Optional e-mail notification of file transfer.
  • Ability to Send, Recall, List, Download, Forward, View files.
  • Full auditing of operations, user browsable/searchable
  • Comprehensive online help


Service Availability and Maintenance

Access to Tiger File Exchanger is generally available 24/7, but is subject to ITS quarterly patching schedules.


User Charges

There are no user costs associated with this service at this time.


Getting Started

The best way to get started is, using an RIT Computer Account, visit the Web Site at http://fileexchanger.rit.edu and read the provided online Help.



See the Policies tab located within the application.



Frequently asked questions have been incorporated into the online Help. For additional assistance or questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk.