File Scanning, Storage & Shares

File Scanning, Storage & Shares

Department/Project Shares


Previously referred to as "fileshares", a Department/Project Share (or network share) is a centrally shared space used by multiple people to store, contribute, and edit documents. Some of the benefits of using a network share for your documents is that the contents of a share are backed up several times per day, and can therefore be restored and recovered in case of data delegation or corruption.

Your data is also stored on our servers, each Department/Project share has two assigned Data Stewards. These Data Stewards are the gatekeepers who control all access requests to that specific share.

Scanning Repositories


Scanning Repository is a special type of share designed for use with Multifunction Printers and scanners. This allows the device to scan directly to a special share that you can then get the files from. Access to this share can then be controlled. Generally, this is intended for large volume devices where "Scan to Email" may be prohibitive, or not optimal.

These shares are different from normal department shares. They are meant as a temporary holding location for files to be staged before being moved to a department share, or elsewhere. As such, they have the following restrictions:

  • All files older than 30 days will be deleted automatically from the share
  • You can only remove files from the share
  • The contents of these shares are not backed up

User Home Drive/Folder Redirection Shares


NOTE: This Service is currently being piloted, with plans to offer it in the future. It is not yet available to those outside of the pilot.

A Home Drive is a network share which is accessible to a single user. Each user has their own home drive, which is usable, and accessible, only to them. A user's home directory is intended to contain that user's files; including text documents, music, pictures or videos, etc. It may also include their configuration files of preferred settings for any software they have used there and might have tailored to their liking: web browser bookmark files, favorites, desktop wallpapers, and themes, etc. Typically, your "home drive" is accessed directly via the network, and any files copied to it are stored on the network, accessible only to you.

Personal Drive (Finance Domain Only)


Full time employees on the FINANCE Domain have access to a Personal Share folder where they can store personal RIT owned documents. Think of this space like a small thumbdrive where you can temporarily keep some files that are nonessential to the department (those files belong on the department share). If you have a finance machine, there will be an icon on your desktop that is called “Fast User Backup” which creates a backup of some key files on your machine and places them into the personal Share.

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