RIT Messenger System Training: Changing Passwords

The following are guidelines about changing RIT Messenger System subscriber passwords and increasing mailbox retention. The information is intended as a means to protect subscribers and system integrity.

On Campus: For subscribers on campus who either forget their password or are having trouble accessing the system for any reason, send an E-mail message with a request to change your system password to telecom@rit.edu from your account. This will be our means of verifying that you are in fact, the subscriber. This will also avoid a visit to Telecommunications Services in Building 99 to confirm identity.

Passwords will be changed the same business day. Subscribers will be sent a return E-mail confirming the change and the new password.

Off Campus: Subscribers who are traveling or who are working outside their campus offices and who don't have access to their E-mail account, but need to change their password are asked to contact their department Telephone Coordinator to send an E-mail to telecom@rit.edu on your behalf. In this E-mail, the Telephone Coordinator will give us your contact information and we will respond to you directly with the new password. The timeline for this change will be the same business day.

Contact Information: For questions or concerns about these password change guidelines, please contact Telecommunications Services at 5-5800. A listing of Telecommunications Coordinators is available through Telecommunications Services.



* requires an RIT Computer Account

Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk 5-4357.