Secure Computing

Just as you would take precautions to lock your office or residence hall room, you need to make sure your computer is secure against intrusions and malicious programming. To assist with this, ITS offers the following products and information.


General Information

Basic Security Tips 
Good to follow, no matter what kind of computer or operating system you are using!

Information Security Office - Forms
A Security Checklist is available to help you be sure that your Macintosh or Windows computer is secure.

Assists students with securing their computers while they are connected to the RIT campus network.

RIT Information Security
Provides more information about security, particularly for faculty and staff.


Virus Protection

Many of the more common viruses morph or change frequently to make them more difficult to detect. Viruses spread rapidly and by many different ways (for example, via email attachments; infected document files; Web sites that contain hostile code that can infect your computer through vulnerable browsers; and unprotected fileshares). Your computer may be vulnerable to virus attacks if you are not using antivirus software and updating it regularly. Using McAfee AntiVirus (FREE for RIT students, faculty, and staff ) and configuring it to update virus definitions automatically will help keep your computer protected. 

Virus Protection


Firewalls and Host Intrusion Prevention

A firewall helps protect your computer by controlling incoming access to your computer. For ITS-managed Windows computers, ITS offers McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, which incorporates both a stateful firewall and host intrusion protection. For Macintosh computers, there is a firewall incorporated within its operating system.

Microsoft Windows

Apple OS X


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Road Runner, DSL, AOL, or other ISP's, VPN will allow you to securely connect to the RIT network from home or another remote location. This is required for access to some RIT-only applications.

Virtual Private Network



Spyware is any software that covertly gathers user information about you, your computer and your web surfing and sends it to someone through your Internet connection without your knowledge.

Spyware Protection for RIT-owned machines

Spyware Protection for personally-owned machines


mySpam Spam Filtering

mySpam is a service that will filter 99% of all spam messages attempting to enter RIT email inboxes from off campus. Each day the mySpam service will send a mySpam report. In this report there will be a list of messages the system would like you to review. You may ignore the message and do nothing, this will mark them as spam, or you may "Release" them to your inbox making them as non-spam.

mySpam Spam Filtering


Full Disk Encryption

Encryption is essentially a "lockdown" of the data storage area of your computer and an encoding of that data. Information cannot be accessed without proper authentication, specifically your login/password sequence then it is decoded for use. Currently, encryption is only available for Windows-based, RIT-owned laptops and is being rolled out through the IT support for each college, division, and department. Mac laptops and other desktop machines will be addressed in future phases of the project.

Full Disk Encryption


RIT Certificate Authorites

The RIT Certificate Authority, created and maintained by ITS, provides a chain of trust for electronic communications. It forms the basis of a public key infrastructure for services (particularly those protected with SSL/TLS encryption) of value to the campus.

We recommend that all RIT-owned computers import and trust the RIT Certificate Authority. In nearly all cases, your System Administrators have taken care of this for you, and the below certificates should not be necessary. Importing the certificate for the RIT Certificate Authority (CA) allows your computer to accurately identify other certificates that are chained from it. Trusting the imported CA certificate avoids presenting dialogs to you when it encounters a service that has been signed by it.

RIT Certificate Authorities


Additional Information

Apple Products Security

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Official Microsoft Windows Update Service (Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows required)