McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator (ePO)

McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator is a service offered by ITS that will automatically manage McAfee security software on Windows machines. e-Policy Orchestrator keeps your McAfee Virus Scanner and Desktop Firewall up to date with the latest configuration settings, virus and intrusion detection signatures and rule sets. It does this by means of a program called an "agent", which you download and install once. After the ePO agent is installed on your Windows computer, it continually checks a server run by ITS for both signature and version updates to all of your McAfee software. ePO not only installs these updates automatically, but also can re-configure that software's settings in the event that a rapidly spreading threat makes that necessary. You just install the agent and forget it--McAfee security is managed for you by the ePO server and ITS.

The McAfee agent (formerly known as the "ePO Agent") can be installed on any RIT-owned computer that runs Windows 2000, Windows XP or VISTA, including active virtual machines. The Agent is an enterprise-oriented product, and as such is not meant to be installed on a personal machine. The McAfee agent is not spyware and does no management or auditing of anything except McAfee security software; it cannot report any information to anyone about your computer usage, network traffic, web surfing habits or anything other than the state of your McAfee security software and operating system, and it cannot install or update anything on your system other than McAfee products.

The ePO agent must be deployed by a system administrator, or by a user with administrative rights. Please contact either your system adminstrator, or the ITS Service Desk to request the ePO agent for your machine.