Personal Firewalls and Host Intrusion Prevention for Windows Computers


Firewall or intrusion protection software can cause your computer to malfunction if it is not installed, configured, and maintained properly. Please see Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and Host Intrusion Prevention for more information about this before installing any firewall or host intrusion prevention software.

RIT Faculty and Staff

McAfee's Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) is available for use on all RIT-owned Windows computers at no additional charge to other departments of the Institute. When used in conjunction with e-Policy Orchestrator, HIP requires no configuration or maintenance on your part. HIP is deployed and managed with e Policy Orchestrator, so to install it, you must install the McAfee agent first. E-Policy Orchestrator will subsequently install and maintain HIP via the McAfee agent.

Installing Host Intrusion Prevention with ePO

  1. Install the McAfee agent. Many computers on campus already have the McAfee agent installed. If you have the McAfee agent icon (McAfeeIcon (1K)) in the notification area on the bottom right corner of your Windows screen, proceed to step 2. If you do not have the ePO agent, you can request it from the ITS Service Desk or your system administrator. If you call the ITS Service Desk, be sure to tell them your machine name, your own name, and your department name.
  2. HIP is installed automatically. At some point after the ePO agent is installed on your computer, Host Intrusion Prevention will automatically be installed unless you request otherwise. The HIP icon will eventually appear inside the box that opens when you click the red M: mcafeebox (8K)
    But, this may not happen until after the machine is rebooted. Nevertheless, HIP becomes active as soon as it's installed and does not require a reboot.

Personally Owned (Home) and All Student Computers

McAfee's HIP is not licensed for use on personally owned or home computers. For these computers, including student computers, we recommend using Zone Alarm from Checkpoint Software. CheckPoint provides a free version of Zone Alarm for personally owned systems, and you can download it from the Zone Labs Web Site.

NOTE: Zone Alarm is only a firewall. It does not provide host intrusion protection.

Downloads for Personally-Owned Machines

Please DO NOT download and install these on RIT-owned machines – they are not the correct versions.

Download Anti-Virus Software

Download McAfee Site Advisor

Additional Information

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