McAfee Site Advisor

McAfee Site Advisor is a browser plug-in that monitors your browsing activity and gives safety information and warnings before you visit a potentially harmful web site. It works with all versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox, and adds small site rating icons to your search results, as well as a browser button and an optional search box. These can display site ratings that are based on tests conducted thousands of times a day by McAfee, and can alert you to questionable email practices, browser exploits, Phishing attempts, e-commerce vulnerabilities, general annoying website behavior, and links to other potentially harmful sites.

You can obtain Site Advisor free at McAfee's Site Advisor Web Site. Please note that this version is not intended for RIT-owned machines. A different version is deployed automatically to those via e-Policy Orchestrator, and the download from McAfee's web site should not be installed on them.

NOTE: You must disable Spybot's "T-timer", or the real-time protection feature of Windows Defender if you are currently running them, since they will interfere with the installation of Site Advisor.

There is a different version of Site Advisor available for personally owned machines. Please do not download and install this version on RIT-owned machines.