**RIT's DialIP service is being retired on March 31, 2014.**

For more information about the retirement of this service, click here.


What is DialIP?

The RIT DialIP service lets members of the RIT community connect to the campus computer network and the Internet by using a dial-up connection. The term DialIP is an RIT-specific term that does not refer to any Internet protocol or networking software.

To utilize DilIP, you need a personal computer, a modem, a telephone line, and Internet software such as a web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). Before you can use DailIP, you must configure your computer's network preferences to allow it to establish a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection to the RIT network.

Why should I use DialIP?

Once you set up the proper networking configurations on your personal computer, DialIP can connect your modem to fast and reliable modems at RIT. This provides the 'pipe' that connects your computer to RIT's campus network. Then you can use Internet client programs to browse the World Wide Web, read and send e-mail, upload and download files to and from your hard drive, Telnet to remote computers such as RIT's OpenVMS or Digital UNIX systems, and more. DialIP requires that you type in your DCE username and password to connect to the RIT campus network. This means you can access certain RIT computer services without having to login again.

DialIP Setup

The follow PDF documents have step-by-step instructions for setting up DialIP on various operating systems.