ITS Communications Services provides and maintains AVAYA single and multi- line telephones for rental by departments on campus. We also provide acoustic coupler adapters, long curly and mounting cords, and t-adapters free of charge. We can also provide other equipment such as volume control handsets, speakerphones, and headsets. Please call the ITS Service Desk at x5-5800 to discuss equipment needs.

Set Types

ITS Communications Services has a selection of single line and multi-line telephones available.

Single line sets, formerly called Analog sets, are a basic telephone and have only one incoming line. The 6220 and the 8110 are analog sets with built in speakerphones.

We offer 3 models of Multi-line sets, formerly Digital telephones.

  1. The 6408D is a digital multi-line set with a built in display and a 2-way speakerphone.
  2. The 6416D has multi-line capability, 16-feature buttons for hold, transfer and conference. It can be programmed by our staff to have busy or coverage buttons and other one touch feature buttons.
  3. The 6424D is a large 24-button multi-line set with a large display readout to identify incoming calls. This set is generally used in areas that receive a high volume of phone calls.

Each of the digital sets can be customized to meet your department's needs. Please call the ITS Service Desk at x5-5800 to arrange a consultation or to review the current configuration of your phone.


Classroom Telephones

Classrooms that are available for scheduling through the Registrar have activated telephone lines that allow on campus calling only. You may place off campus calls with an authorization code. Also, classroom jacks in need of repair are serviced the same way as office telephones; users can contact the ITS Service Desk at 5-5800 to report damage or malfunctions.


Authorization Codes

Telephones on campus have varied service capabilities. Many in public areas such as classrooms, laboratories, and even some offices have restricted access. Staff and faculty members may place calls from an otherwise restricted telephone and\or have access to computer networks through the ITS modem pool through Authorization Codes.

To obtain an authorization code please send an email to the ITS Service Desk (

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Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections, or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk at 5-5800.