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Rates and Billing

Lines and Equipment Rental Charges

Long Distance Calls

Chargeback Process and Rates for Moves and New Installations

One Time Cost

Warranty Information


Rates and Billing


  • Consulting and costs estimates
  • Account # updates
  • Names change
  • Repair services*
  • Voice mail setup or activation
  • Disconnects
  • Activation of new telephone line or conversion from analog/single-line phone to digital/multi-line phone
  • Special Circuits
  • Voicemail
  • Intercom Feature
  • Speakerphone Rental


  • Moving and adding phones and modifications to equipment
  • Installing new jacks
  • Local and Long distance calls
  • Telephone Lines and Dial tone
  • ACD System design
  • Programming and redesign after initial telephone set-up


* Excludes non-standard wear and tear to equipment or infrastructure.

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Lines and Feature Charges

Recurring charges for faculty and staff lines, features, and long distance usage are processed monthly. Management reports are available online and provide the details about the costs associated with each extension, account and department.


Monthly Rental Rate Schedule

Telephone Line



Call Coverage
Voicemail Storage Sizes
5 min - $3.00
10 min - $5.00
15 min - $8.00
Meet-Me Conference
EC500 *



White pages Directory Listing
Alarm System Bridge
Volume Control Handset
Special Circuits
Speakerphone Rental
$15.00 for every 4 hours borrowed
Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
Varies by Design & Complexity
Agent Login ID


* Calls to a long distance number will incur applicable long distance call charges for each call redirected by the EC500 service. Be aware that cellular plan's minutes will be used (if applicable) for all calls redirected by EC500.

For questions regarding monthly rental or toll billing, call 5-5800.

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Long Distance Calls

Long Distance calls are billed based on day of week, time of day, distance and duration.

Each department receives management reports to assist them in their planning. A monthly usage report provides details or each long distance call and gives a cumulative total for each extension.

Accompanying the usage report is the high usage report which highlights local and long distance calls which are over 15 minutes in length or are billed greater than $15.00

For questions concerning long distance calls, please call 5-5800.

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Chargeback Process and Rates for Moves, Adds, and Changes

ITS charges departments and colleges for telephone moves, adds and changes. You will receive a statement detailing the charges shortly after we have completed our work. This dollar amount will be reflected on your monthly general ledger statement that you receive each month from accounting.

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One Time Cost

The following are the One Time Charges that will apply if you want to add or change current service:


One Time Cost

Analog 6220/6221 Telephone Set
Analog Basic 2554 Phone Set [BLACK Wall Phone]
Analog Enhanced 8110 Phone Set
Digital 6408D+, 6416D+, 6424D+ Telephone Set
All refurbished sets (analog/digital)
VoIP 4610 Phone Set New
VoIP 4620 Phone Set New
VoIP 4610/4620 Phone Set Refurbished
VoIP 9620 Phone Set New
VoIP 9630 Phone Set New
Refurbished 9620/9630
Ramtel Emergency Phone
Available per request
Red Emergency Phone
Analog Line Activation / Conversion
Digital Line Activation / Conversion
VoIP Activation / Conversion (available only in certain locations - contact 5-5800 for more information)
New Jack Voice or Data wire install or move
Time and Materials
Move of existing Number
Time and Materials
Automated Call Distribution (ACD) set up
$45/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Programming Charge (After initial setup)
$45/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Data Jack Activation
Data Jack Activation moves
no charge within the same network closet. Otherwise $100


* The technician will NOT move furniture. Customers must contact FMS.

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9600 series
1 year
4600 series
1 year
6400 series
1 year
6220 series
1 year


* Warranties cover standard wear and tear to equipment.

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Additional Information

RIT Directories

Dialing Instructions



Financial Information

Managed Network Device Standard

Moves, Adds & Changes

Renovations & Projects

RIT Extension to Cellular User Guide

RIT Messenger System

Service Level Guidelines

Telephone & Repair Services

Telephone Coordinators

Student Services


Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk (call 5-5800).

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