Renovations & Projects

When any Institute group works with Facilities Management Services to enlarge or redesign a Campus space the process is referred to as a Renovation. The Telephone, Data and Cable TV (CATV) cabling and networks are part of the larger renovation process and should be given careful consideration during the design and implementation of building changes.

During Planning and Construction ITS Communications Services and Facilities Management Services will:

  • Establish a Service Request and set up a consultation with you as the user to discuss intended renovation plans and any interim, temporary moves that might be necessary.
  • Contract and supervise ITS Communication Services approved vendors to complete the cabling of Telephone, Data and CATV network connections.
  • Plan and orchestrate the move day activities for temporary relocations and once the renovation is complete to ensure relatively seamless relocations with little or no interruption in your services.

We encourage you, the customer to:

  • Start planning early to provide information on all personnel and services that will be affected by the renovation. The necessary information will include:
    • Names and telephone numbers of all personnel
    • Any additional telephone lines such as TTY and Fax numbers
    • The number of active data jacks required for each person and for any network printers, etc.
  • Keep track of all your telephone sets and equipment during the renovation as it will typically be reused.



Consultations with an ITS Communication Services staff member can be arranged at any time during the renovation planning process. By working together, ITS Communications Services, FMS and You the customer can ensure a successful project with little or no interruption to your work processes. In addition, careful planning can often reduce the overall cost of the project.

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Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk 5-5800 and 5-2810 (TTY).