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Telephone & Repair Services

The maintenance and installation of telephone lines, phones, and other related equipment is provided by Telecommunications Services staff.

Any phone problems such as static on lines, no dial tone, damage to line cords, wall jacks, ringers and the phone itself should be reported to ITS Service Desk at x5-5800.

Information we'll need for prompt service when a "trouble call" is made includes:
  • The phone number of the telephone that needs to be fixed
  • The jack number(located on the top of the jack outlet)
  • The building/room number
  • Description of the problem
  • Who we can contact and their phone number

Repairs are performed for all faculty, staff and resident hall student phones on campus. Repair service is completed by the next business day and is provided at no additional cost to users.

Public Telephones & Special Equipment Repairs

Courtesy telephones and Blue Light/Emergency telephones are also maintained by Telecommunications Services. These public telephones can be found at various locations on campus. If you know of a damaged or out-of-service emergency telephone, contact the ITS Service Desk at x5-5800 and let staff know the location of the telephone and a description of the problem.