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RIT Messenger System

RIT Messenger System, a voice messaging system, allows RIT users to electronically facilitate sending and receiving information beyond answering machines with applications that are accessible to the deaf. The RIT Messenger System feature package gives people the means to record, retrieve, save and exchange voice messages over the telephone when individuals are busy or unavailable.

RIT Messenger is a secured system; users' retrieval of calls is password protected. Callers are able to leave detailed, confidential messages when support staff is unavailable. Campus users, or subscribers, can listen and act on multiple messages in the system, forwarding messages to appropriate parties within the system, or even sending messages to a distribution list.

Regarding other benefits of RIT's Messenger System, subscribers can:

  • Listen to multiple messages during a single telephone call from anywhere and reply to these messages without making additional calls.
  • Transfer to other subscriber extensions while in the system, rather than disconnect from the original call and dial another extension.
  • Forward messages to other subscribers (within the system) for action without interrupting the subscriber.
  • Send to a distribution list similar to email.
  • Schedule delivery of messages at later dates as necessary.