RIT Messenger System Training: Extended Message Retention Time

If you are going to be away for an extended absence you can use the RIT Messenger System feature Disable Call Answer. This feature allows subscribers to give information out but not allow callers to leave messages. Subscribers can change their greetings to alert callers that they will not be checking messages regularly.

If you need a temporary increase in the message retention time because of an extended absence and limited access to RIT Messenger, you can request a temporary increase in capacity by asking your department Telephone Coordinator to submit a Telecommunications Service Request form at least one week in advance. The service request form can be found on the Telecommunications Web page at:http://www.rit.edu/its/services/tele/.

The service request form can also be faxed or sent through interoffice mail by contacting the Telecommunications Department at 5-5800.



* requires an RIT Computer Account

Getting Assistance

For problems with telecommunications or network performance, connections or other related issues/questions should be directed to the ITS Service Desk 5-5800 and 5-2810 (TTY)