FAQ - RIT Computer Accounts

All students, faculty and staff are entitled to an RIT computer account. Your RIT computer account enables access to e-mail, the myRIT portal, the campus wireless network, Student Information System (SIS), and many more services. You can access most of the services as soon as your RIT computer account is created. Some services may take up to 24 hours to be available.


How do I get help with my account?

To obtain an RIT computer account, stop by the ITS Service Desk in the Gannett Hall room 1113. If you are faculty or staff, you must have a completed ITS Account Request form. The form is available at the Service Desk or on the Web at www.rit.edu/its/help/forms.

How do I change my RIT account password?

To change the password for your RIT computer account, go to the password change web page. This page also includes information on how to change & sync other passwords including your password for Oracle Self-Service.

How do I keep others from accessing my account?

By changing your password often, you can help protect your computer account and the files or assignments you store on it. Try to memorize your password instead of writing it down. RIT's Information and Technology Services (ITS) department recommends you change your password periodically. Don't store your password inside an electronic file or other location that is accessible to other people. If you forget your password, the ITS Service Desk staff can generate a new one for you. Contact the ITS Service Desk at 475-HELP (475-4357) or at the Service Desk window in Gannett Hall, room 1113.

What policies do I need to follow regarding my computer accounts?

Computer accounts and the files stored in those accounts are the property of RIT. ITS and other departments with which accounts are associated have the right to review and delete accounts and their contents. The latest policy information can be found on the Web at http://www.rit.edu/its/about/policies/. Your account is valid if you are currently registered as an RIT student or currently employed as an RIT faculty or staff member.

After I graduate, what happens to my RIT student computer account?

After graduation, you will receive an email alerting you that your RIT computer account will change from a Student account to an Alumni account.  Your username and password will remain the same.  Alumni accounts, however, do not have access to mycourses, my.rit.edu, and some other campus services.  Additionally, the Alumni accounts must be renewed annually (but before it expires an email alert will be sent with directions on how to renew the account).


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