RIT Computer Account Management Information


The purpose of RIT Computer Account Management is four fold.

  1. The conditions under which RIT students, faculty staff and others receive and can expect the deletion of a computer account are defined.
  2. Current members of the RIT community experience maximized system performance and resource availability.
  3. RIT experiences the economies associated with maintaining account resources for an active user community.
  4. Only authorized persons are provided access to RIT computer and network resources.



RIT classifies accounts into four groups – learner, employee, business, and visitor. These classifications guide the creation, retention, resources, and access associated with an account. (It is possible that an individual has multiple accounts if they qualify for an account under different groups.) Automatic creation, deletion, and disabling of accounts are based on authoritative sources. For student accounts, the authoritative source is student records. For employee accounts, the authoritative source is the human resources database.




RIT computer accounts for new or transfer students are created after an individual has paid the admissions deposit. Non-matriculated students or students returning to RIT are issued an account by providing proof of current or next semester registration. 
Visiting scholar accounts are created for the duration of the visit at the request of the sponsoring department.


Faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, and temporary staff accounts are ready for activation within 12 hours of Human Resources processing the appointment or hiring information. 
The hiring department requests an account for a student employee or coop student. Access to computer and network resources associated with a position are granted to the student employee account (and not to the student account.)


Accounts for trustees and board members are created at the request of the president’s office. A faculty or staff member requests a department or course account. 
Club, fraternity, sorority, and other student group accounts are created at the request of the Student Affairs division.


A vendor or contract account is created at the request of a department. A retiring employee can request a continuation of an RIT account – Human Resources activates the change of an employee account to retiree account.


The creation of accounts for other purposes is limited. License and resource considerations influence the decision to support accounts not clearly defined as a learner, employee, business or visitor account. A request for an account for another purpose is made to the ITS Service Desk. The request must include a description of how the account relates to the business of RIT, an RIT faculty/staff sponsor, and an expiration date of one year or less.




Accounts are retained based on the status of the individual associated with the account. Students, faculty, adjunct faculty, temporary staff or staff who terminate a relationship with RIT will have their RIT computer accounts disabled. Visitor accounts including visiting scholars are created with an expiration date. All other accounts are subject to a 1-year renewal. Accounts that expire or are not renewed are disabled. In addition, an abandoned account is subject to discretionary disabling. An account is considered abandoned if there has been no interactive or non-interactive access in the previous 6 months. 
Disabled accounts are retained for 6 months. An account not reestablished during this 6 months is deleted.

Automated Disable

Students who are not registered for classes, coop or thesis in the current or two previous semesters have their account disabled at the end of the current add-drop. Proof of current registration is required to return the account to active status. Active status of a student is defined in the RIT Educational Policy and Procedure Manual. 
Human Resource records indicating a faculty or staff member has left RIT triggers a disable of the faculty or staff account. 
Other accounts are disabled if not renewed at expiration.

Access to Disabled Account

Online access to an account disabled for pending deletion is limited to 6 months. After 6 months, the account is backed up and then deleted. Backups are retained per ITS backup retention procedures.

Access to a disabled or deleted account is restricted. The Vice President of Student Affairs must approve access to a student account. The Provost approves access to faculty, course, and adjunct faculty accounts. Access to a staff account requires Human Resources approval. Access to department, student employee, student group, and other accounts is by permission of the sponsoring department. Access in all cases is subject to oversight and a limited timeframe.


Class Type Creation Authoritative Source Restriction Disabled Access to Disabled
Learner Student Automatic - deposit paid Student Records Must register coop & thesis No course registration in 1 year Student; VP of Student Affairs
  Visiting Scholar Department - End date End date None
Employee Faculty Within 12 hours of Human Resources (HR) record or dept. no earlier than 2 weeks before semester start Human Resources - HR reports end of employment + 3 months Provost
  Adjunct Faculty Within 12 hours of Human Resources (HR) record or dept. no earlier than 2 weeks before semester start Human Resources - HR reports end of employment Provost
  Staff Within 12 hours of Human Resources (HR) record; department request after start date Human Resources - HR reports end of employment HR oversight
  Temporary RIT staff Within 12 hours of Human Resources (HR) record; department request after start date Human Resources End date End date or HR reports end of employment HR oversight
  Student employee Dept request – form - End date -- 1 year End date; Dept; no registration Department
Business Trustee/Board Member President’s office - Must renew yearly End date President’s oversight
  Department Dept request - Tied to FT person Request or termination; can be reassigned Department head
  Course Faculty/department request - Must renew yearly No renew or termination Faculty; dept head; transfer requires provost
  Student Groups Student Affairs request - Must renew yearly End date Student Affairs
Visitor Vendor Dept request - End date End date Department
  Contract Dept request - End date End date Dept of hire
  Retiree Human Resources request Human Resources Must renew yearly Retiree; inactivity Retiree; see type
Other Athenaeum ID of full member - Must renew yearly At end date Member