Things to Know Before Changing Your RIT Computer Account Password

You can change your RIT Computer Account password by going to Make sure to complete the steps below after changing your password so that your new password is synchronized across all devices.

If you have a PointSec / CheckPoint encrypted RIT computer:

When you change your RIT Computer Account password, the password for your PointSec-secured laptop does not automatically change. Whenever changing your password on a PointSec-secured machine, you will want to be on campus, as being off of the RIT network during the initial login can cause issues with synchronization. In order to synchronize the passwords, follow these instructions after you have changed your RIT Computer Account password:

  1. Reboot the laptop.
  2. At the CheckPoint screen, log in, using your old password.
  3. Wait for Windows to start.
  4. Log into Windows using your new password.
  5. CheckPoint will realize that your password has changed.
  6. Input your old password.
  7. Your password will now be syncronized.

If you have Mobile Devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.):

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop that connects wirelessly to our network, you will need to change the password on these devices in order for them to continue to work. You will also need to change the password in your email clients if you receive email on your mobile devices. To change these passwords, head to the RIT Wireless Instructions site and select your device.

Note that if devices continue to attempt to log in with your old password, the repeated unsuccessful login attempts can cause your account to become locked out of some services. As such, we recommend that you only change your password when you have physical access to your mobile devices. Changing stored passwords on these devices as soon as possible after changing your RIT Computer Account password will help to minimize the risk of disruption.

If you have an RIT-owned Mac computer

Most Macs on campus are not bound to the RIT Main domain, which means that the password to log into the machine does not change when you change your RIT Computer Account password. If you would like to change the password on your Mac to keep things synchronized, click here for instructions on how to do so.

Getting Help

If you encounter any errors or issues after changing your password, please contact the ITS Service Desk via phone (5-HELP), email (, or in person (Gannett Hall, room 1113). You can also drop by the Service Desk Express, conveniently located on the first floor of the Wallace Center.