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How to Access RIT's Wireless Network


Get an RIT computer account

In order to connect to RIT's wireless network, you must first have an active RIT Computer Account.

Connect a Microsoft Windows computer

For Windows users, instructions on how to connect vary based on whether your computer is joined to RIT's Active Directory domain (MAIN). To determine if your Windows computer is joined to the MAIN domain, see our help document on How to Determine if Your Windows Computer is Joined to MAIN.

RIT Owned Computers

If your computer is joined to the MAIN domain, you will receive the RITWPA2 setting automatically via a GPO (group policy object).

Non-RIT Owned Computers

Connect a Macintosh computer

Connect a Mobile device

Register your computer’s wireless interface

Once you have your account and have connected to the wireless network using the instructions above, you will need to configure your computer to connect to the wireless network, then register your computer's wireless card on the RIT network. To register, use the Web page.

Note that each network interface in your computer must be registered on the RIT network separately. For example, if your laptop has wireless and built-in Ethernet capabilities (wired network connection), both network cards in your laptop need to be registered on the network.