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BS in Microelectronic Engineering

Robert Pearson
Dir. MicroE Prog., Assoc. Professor

How would you like to work in a field that uses your science and engineering education to impact virtually every aspect of human life; entertainment, health, education, transportation, communication even clean (green) energy to name a few.  Integrated microelectronic or nanoelectronic circuits and sensors drive our global economy, increase our productivity and help improve our quality of life. The quest for speed and increased functionality helps drive innovation.   These amazing “chips” are at the heart of just about every product we purchase and the demand for increased electronic content continues to grow. Microelectronic engineers are at the forefront of these efforts.

RIT’s microelectronic engineering program is the only accredited bachelor of science degree program of its type in the United States and is considered a world leader in the education semiconductor process engineers. Students gain hands-on experience in the design, fabrication, and testing of integrated circuits in our outstanding student-operated IC fabrication facility. Students are well-prepared in a broad curriculum that includes math, physics, the humanities, in addition to a solid understanding of electronics and circuits and cleanroom fabrication techniques. Students study subjects such as IC manufacturing, design of experiments, photolithography, nanotechnology, sensors  and photo-voltaics. RIT Microelectronic Engineers are providing “Mindpower for tomorrow’s technology” through highly qualified graduates entering the semiconductor industry or going on to graduate school at RIT or many other fine programs nationally and internationally.

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